Backpacking List | 2 Day Overnight Trip

The 2 Day Overnight Backpacking Trip is a very popular trip to take because it requires little time away from work and family, while still allowing for a night under the stars and an escape from civilization. Another benefit of the 2 day trip is that unlike longer trips, some comforts can be sacrificed for the sake of a lighter and smaller backpack and gear list. In addition, since you will only be gone for two days, there will be less variables in the weather, meaning that many times you can leave behind certain items of clothing, just bringing what you need. The following list is meant for a Three Season Overnight Backpacking Trip and excludes necessary gear when backpacking in winter conditions.

Backpack (about 2,000 cu/in)
Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Pad or Hammock
Tent or Tarp

Water Bottles or Hydration Bladder
Water Filter or Water Tablets
Esbit or Alcohol Stove
Pot or Pan
Matches, Lighter or Fire starter
Cup or Mug
Multi-tool or Knife
Pot Scraper

Trail Running Shoes or Hiking Boots
Wool or Synthetic Socks
Synthetic Long Underwear
Convertible Pants
Wicking T-shirt
Rain gear or Poncho
Wool or Fleece Jacket
Wool or Fleece Gloves

Trail Map
Toilet Paper or Wet Wipes
Small Shovel
Ziploc Bags
Lip Balm
Hand Sanitizer
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
First Aid Kit
Parachute Cord

Trekking Poles
Duct Tape